Monitor Cholesterol

How can I keep my cholesterol level down

Substitute unsaturated fats for saturated fats.

Polyunsaturated fats (such as safflower and corn oil) and
monounsaturated fats (such as olive oil) help to lower blood cholesterol
levels. But this doesn't mean you should add any of these fats to your diet
- you should still keep your total fat intake at or below 30 percent of
your daily calories. Replace butter in cooking with olive or corn oil. Substitute
fish for some of the red meat and poultry in your diet.

Lose weight, if necessary.

Not only does excess body fat raise your total blood cholesterol
and LDL levels, but it also is an independent risk factor for heart disease.
On average, each two pounds of excess body fat contributes one mg//dL of
total cholesterol.


A program of regular aerobic exercise may help lower total
cholesterol and raise HDL. To get this benefit, as well as the other benefits
exercise offers, you should exercise at least three times per week for thirty
minutes a session.

Increase your consumption of food high in soluble fiber.

Oat bran is certainly the most familiar of these food along
with legumes and other vegetables, such as black-eyed peas, kidney beans,
sweet potatoes, zucchini, and broccoli. In the fruit category, bananas,
apples, pears, and oranges have some soluble fiber.

Don't Smoke

Smoking increases total cholesterol and reduces HDL, and is an independent
risk factor for heart disease as well.
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